The BA Coaching Framework

The Badminton Australia Coaching Framework details the education courses and the accreditation pathway that an aspiring coach needs to undertake in order to reach the required level to coach badminton in Australia. A journey to become a badminton coach starts with a badminton education course that will include a number of short online prerequisite courses, accreditation with Badminton Australia (BA) and then successful completion of the selected course.

The education/coaching courses have changed from BA courses to follow the BWF course education pathway.

Why BWF?

The BWF levels are fully developed, supported by high quality manuals, online videos and support, train-the trainer tutor courses and support, and are recognised across Oceania and the world. BWF have and are developing coach education for their confederations and their member associations. It makes sense for Australia to make use of good quality resources that are being constantly updated and funded. The Badminton Australia Board has sanctioned that BWF courses will gradually replace all previous BA courses over the next 3-5 years.

2018 is a year of transition in Australia

During the last year, the Badminton Australia education department has been implementing the recommendations from the independent review of the 2016 National Coach Education Program as previously led by Dr Alan Roberts. This complex, detailed process has led towards the approved Badminton Australia coaching framework which the Australian Sport Commission (ASC), the approval authority, has approved to ensure that badminton meets the requirements of the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). As a result, 2018 is a year of transition from the current system to the approved Badminton Australia Coaching Framework. This means that both the current and the new coaching framework will be supported and accredited in 2018 only. In 2019, the transition will be complete, and only the approved framework, and the courses held within them, will be endorsed, recognised and supported.

FTEM and transition to the approved coach education framework

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) demands that all sports align their coaching levels to the FTEM framework and the coach education courses in the new framework is aligned. FTEM integrates three key outcomes of sport participation: active lifestyle; sport participation; and sport excellence. All sports who receive funding from the Commonwealth Government have undertaken this process.

In short, coaching levels must be matched against player levels. The diagram below illustrates how Badminton Australia has interpreted where our coaches align against FTEM and the described playing levels.

The table below gives an overview of how the current and new framework align. For example, the current BA level 1a is described as a ‘Club Coach’ which matches the foundation to talent level of the FTEM framework. Badminton Australia (BA) will phase in the Badminton World Federation (BWF) courses in 2018, with the BWF courses replacing the older BA courses as we move into 2019. The participation pathway is for coaches who work with players new to the sport who are developing their skills. The coach education courses that meet this level are BWF Shuttle Time or BA level 1. The performance pathway is for those coaches who want to work with developing players, through the talent, excellence and mastery levels. The first step is to accredit as a BA Club Coach by retaining your current status as a BA level 1a and/or successfully passing the prerequisites and the BWF level 1 coach education course. The next level is BA Development Coach achieved by BWF level 2 coach education course, and finally the BA High Performance Coach achieved by BWF level 3 coach education course.

Coaching careers

Badminton Australia has identified three careers for coaches, none of which are mutually exclusive, though so have different pathways. They are:

  • Elite Coach – performance pathway through the BWF levels from BWF level 1 to 4
  • Participation coach – working in schools and clubs (funded – Sporting Schools)
  • Coach educator/ tutor / assessor – Shuttle Time Tutor and BWF level 1 Tutor

How do I become a participation coach?

Complete the BWF Shuttle Time course AND accredit with Badminton Australia. By accrediting you will reach the required NCAS ASC level when you coach. Without accreditation, you are not recognised as a coach in Australia. That means, if you have passed the Shuttle Time Teacher course, but have not completed BA accreditation, you have not reached the required level to coach/teach new or developing players in schools or in clubs.

You will need some basic personal badminton skills in order to understand the game, demonstrate and feed effectively. Experience leading, coaching or teaching is a plus.

How do I become an elite coach?

Start with BWF level 1 AND accredit with Badminton Australia. You will need some basic personal badminton skills in order to understand the game, demonstrate and feed effectively. With experience and proven knowledge, you will be able to progress through the BWF levels.

If you are already coaching and are accredited at BA level 1a or higher, you need to keep your accreditation with Badminton Australia up-to-date. There is no requirement to undertake and pass the BWF level 1 course, though you would undoubtedly both update and build on your current skills and knowledge.

How do I become a coach educator or tutor?

If you’d like to deliver a coaching course, then the first step is to complete that course yourself. For example you will need to have passed and be experienced in delivering Shuttle Time, to be eligible for the Shuttle Time Tutor Course which you need to start delivering Shuttle Time for your State Association or for Badminton Australia. Similarly, even if you have experience delivering other badminton education courses, you must have successfully passed BWF level 1 and have BA Club Coach accreditation as a minimum in order to be eligible to take the BWF level 1 tutor course, in order to be selected to deliver BWF level 1

To become a BWF level 1 tutor you must:

  • Hold a BWF level 1 qualification and current BA accreditation;
  • Passed the BWF level 1 tutor course;
  • Have demonstrated experience coaching badminton;
  • Have experience training coaches- badminton experience preferred though coaching the coaches in other sports will be considered;
  • Have passion and experience in the sport, including experience, playing, coaching and/or officiating at elite level;
  • Have knowledge and experience in coaching and/or teaching; and
  • Be willing to teach at least x1 BWF level 1 course in Australia annually.

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