Club Development


Written by  Wednesday, 18 April 2012 22:07

1.  What is the Club Development Network?

This is a free, web-based resource developed by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). This resource supports the development and management of sporting clubs / associations at the grass roots level. It is about promoting continuous improvement.

2.  What is the Aim?

The network aims to assist clubs across Australia to identify ways in which they can develop their clubs so they can provide the best possible service to their members.

To have a successful, well-run club, you need a clear understanding of leadership, planning, people and organisational performance, while maintaining a strong member focus. The Club Development Network emphasizes these areas.

3.  What does the Network Consist of?

a)   An Evaluation Checklist

The checklist helps the club to identify how it is performing – management and operations.

b)   Resource Library

a wealth of club-friendly – everything from a template for a strategic plan through to a fact sheet on how to run a safe sausage sizzle.

c)   E-news

regular updates via the club development electronic newsletter.

d)   Membership Search

All member clubs are listed on the network directory, so you can make direct contact.

4.   How do I Join?

Make sure that your club has not already registered. If not visit this website and register today!

5.   What do I need to Do After I Join?

When you join you get a password emailed to you. Let other members of your Committee / Board or members know this password so they can access this service.

6. What Kinds of things are there in the Resource Library?

There are many resources, fact sheets and checklists associated with these themes – and many more!



Attracting members

Child protection


Codes of behaviour

Collecting information


Community links



Disability sport

Education & training

Effective committee meetings

Event management

Facility management

Feedback from members

Female participation

Financial management

First aid



Harassment Free Sport

Health and safety


Indigenous participation


Involving people with  a disability

Junior sport

Legal issues

Liquor licencing

Local councils

Managing volunteers

Marketing & promotions

Member databases

Member protection

Member satisfaction

Mission statements

Occupational health and safety


Outside organisations

Policy development

Pregnancy guidelines

Privacy Act

Promotion and media

Recruiting volunteers

Reporting to members

Responding to member feedback

Retaining volunteers

Review and evaluation

Risk management

Roles and responsibilities

Safety procedures

Setting targets


Starting a club



Terms and conditions of contracts

Thanks coach, thanks officials

The volunteer coordinator

Using information

Written job descriptions

Written plans