High Performance Program

The Badminton Australia High Performance Plan 2019-2020 guides annual high performance activities towards 2020. The plan defines key priorities and strategies for making a significant difference and improvements for Australian high performance badminton. Funding by Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) and Sport Australia (SA) sponsorships ensure core initiatives are in line with the directions and priorities of the High Performance Plan.

Program Goals and Selection Policy

A key part of Badminton Australia’s High Performance Program is to identify and support the athletes with the potential to contribute to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

The selection policy below contains a description of the Badminton Australia Support Structure (BASS) and outlines how athletes will be selected for and retained in the BASS program and to the National Squad.

  • The selection policy is based on the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS)
  • The selection policy will also be used to select athletes for the National Squad

The BASS program is designed to provide the appropriate support to ensure that athletes and teams can perform at maximal potential and achieve international success. Badminton is catagorised by the AIS as an Prospective Sport that can contribute long term (2018 and beyond). The aim of Badminton Australia program is to identify and prepare athletes to:

  • Win medals supported by 4th-8th placements at Olympics, World Championships and Commonwealth Games

BASS Programs

Enhanced BASS – Level 1 to 5

This program is targeted at athletes with the most realistic chance to meet the aims of the BASS criteria with the ultimate goal of winning medals.

The athletes in the Enhances BASS 1-5 will also be the athletes selected for the Badminton Australia National Squad.

Team International BASS

This program is targeted at athletes who are top 10 on the Australian Ranking and/or selected to represent Australia in the following events:

  • Olympic Games
  • Commonwealth Games
  • World Championships
  • Team World Championships (or Qualification to Team World Championships)

Membership of the BASS and the National Squad is offered by Badminton Australia as an investment in an athlete to help them to meet the aims of the program.

If the Enhanced BASS or/and Team International BASS is for you please read this Selection Policy and fill out the online application form. Nominations will be assessed on an ongoing basis.

BASS Athletes

Training Centre

The Badminton Australia National Squad has been based in Melbourne at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) in Albert Park since 2006. MSAC contains facilities for players to complete both their on-court and strength and conditioning training. The venue contains six Li-Ning roll out courts for the players to train on.

National Selectors

Geraldine Brown
Robin Middleton
Renuga Veeran

High Performance Committee

Stuart Brehaut
Geraldine Brown
Paul Kern
Julie McDonald
Stuart Rowlands
Peter Roberts