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If you have completed a Shuttle Time or Badminton Coaching course but not yet accredited with Badminton Australia (BA):

To become qualified to coach or teach badminton in Australia, you will need to take part and pass a Shuttle Time Teaching or Badminton Coaching course AND complete the three (3) online ASC courses whilst accrediting with Badminton Australia.

To complete the 3 free online courses register with ASC and complete:

  • ASC Community Coaching General Principles
  • ASC Play by the Rules Child Protection course
  • ASC Play by the Rules Harassment and Discrimination course

When you successfully pass the course, you will receive a digital certificate which you should use as evidence that you have passed the courses.

For more information go to the ASC page click here:

To go straight to the learning portal click here:

To gain an accreditation, complete a Badminton Australia Coach Accreditation Form, submit this along with payment and all digital certificates to BA via the relevant State Associations.

Once reviewed and approved by BA, coaches will receive an Accreditation document with your name, details and coaching licence expiry date. Your coaching licence is for four years. To keep your coaching accreditation relevant, you should coach and attend or complete courses and continuing education programs. At the 3½ year point, you should re-accredit to ensure that your coaching status remains valid and that you do not have any time where you are coaching without a BA coaching licence

If you need to reaccredit after the four (4) year period:

Once you have qualified as a coach, you are accredited for 4 years. Your ASC endorsed Badminton Australia Coach Accreditation will detail the expiry date.

During your 4 years, you need to be coaching and complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points by taking part in general and specific coaching courses and updates, attending coach education conferences or undertaking teacher training.

As a minimum you need to undertake at least 10 hours of coaching per year plus at least 20 CPD points.

To stay qualified and accredited you need the following:

Stage 1:

  • Take a Badminton Australia approved coaching course
  • Register as a with Badminton Australia when you successfully complete the coaching course – if that has not been included in your coaching course program.
  • This qualifies or accredits you as a coach, at the level of the course that you have passed, for four (4) years.

Stage 2:

  • You need to keep up-to-date – that is to you need to prove that you are coaching and that you have undertaken some professional coaching training or relevant education each year
  • The number of coaching hours and the amount or type of education/training depends on the level at which you have qualified.
Level of Coaching CourseHours of practical coachingContinuing Professional Credits (CPDs) over the 4 years
Each yearOver the 4 years
Shuttle Time Coach10 hours40 hours20 points
BA Level 110 hours40 hours20 points
BWF level 1/BA level 1a10 hours40 hours20 points
BWF level 2/BA level 215 hours60 hours40 points
BWF level 3/BA level 325 hours100 hours50 points

Hours of coaching need to be verified by the head coach or board member, such as the president, of your club.

Value of continuing professional development credits (CPDs):

Type of course# CPD points
Attend/Complete a Badminton Australia approved State/Territory Coaching Workshop5 points
Attend/Complete a course delivered by State/Territory Department of Sport and Recreation or equivalent5 points
Attend/Complete ASC online coursesIe. Coaching Principles or Play by the Rules courses5 points
Complete an approved First Aid course5 points
Attend/Complete a Badminton Australia conference, seminar or workshop10 points
Attend/Complete Shuttle Time Teacher/Coach course10 points
Complete a sport related tertiary degree or equivalentIe. Diploma Sports Coaching,  BA Sports Studies10 points per unit / module
Attend/Complete Shuttle Time Tutor course15 points
Present or assess at a Badminton Australia coaching course, including Shuttle Time15 points
Present or assess at a Badminton Australia coaching workshop15 points
Present the BWF level 1 course15 points
Attain the next level of badminton coaching qualification such as BWF level 1, BWF level 2 or BWF level 3.Meets total accreditation requirements

If you are unsure of the quality of course and you want to attend in order to contribute towards your badminton coaching accreditation, please contact the BA HQ at to establish the number of CPDs that will be awarded before you attend/complete the course.

Badminton Australia want to ensure that its coaches can keep their experience sufficient and current, to have an accredited and knowledgeable coaching network. However, we also recognise that from-time-to-time, that coaches may take a break from the sport. We value and respect your experience. If you have taken a break from coaching but would like to get back involved in coaching there will be a route that you can take. If you have questions about how to get re-accredited and re-commence coaching after a break, please contact BA at to find out more.

To re-accredit, you need to complete the Badminton Australia Coach Re-Accreditation Form. As you fill it in, you will find that it is self-explanatory, though if you do have questions, please contact