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Written by  Tuesday, 21 August 2012 21:11

On Friday 20 July and Saturday 21 July 2012 the STBA hosted the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and Four Diegos Media over two days during which time they filmed a Vidcast for the ASC's All Cultures Program.

At the time we held a Come & Try session with 85 people on the Friday and, on Saturday and Sunday, a Tasmanian State Badminton tournament with over 170 entries.

This was a wonderful opportunity to show case the STBA CALD Program and the benefits the program is having on the CALD Community in Southern Tasmania.

We engaged heavily with the ASC and Four Diegos media. We found the exercise a very important learning opportunity. Since this time we have introduced a number of recommendations, including a Social Media Strategy. We now use social media to engage with the CALD Community and promote the STBA CALD Program, badminton and the STBA badminton centre.

We would recommend this to all of our fellow CALD Program's around Australia.

Thanks to the ASC and Badminton Australia we are now finding a significant increase in participation from the CALD Community. For example, at our Sunday 5pm to 7pm casual court hire sessions we are often full by 5.10pm!! We have opened up a Sunday 3pm to 5pm session to cater for demand.

On 7 July 2012 we hosted a visit by Rudy to: discuss the STBA CALD Program; outline our strategies over the next 12 months; and to brainstorm strategies in which we can further develop and grow the CALD program.

We are continually striving to grow and develop the STBA CALD Program. We would very much welcome another visit by the ASC and Rudy.

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